Rules and info


  • All participants must join the /r/Overwatch Discord ( for tournament-related communication
  • For tournaments with an SR limit (not open bracket):
    • All participants must have an account level of at least 100
    • All participants must have a public Overwatch profile
    • Teams are allowed to have one player above the bracket's SR limit, as long as said player is within 200 SR of the limit and the team's average SR is still within the bracket's limit
    • All participants must register with their main account (no alts/smurfs allowed)
  • Match regions:
    • In single-region tournaments, matches are always played on the tournament's region, regardless of the team regions.
    • In cross-region tournaments, if both teams are from the same region, the match is played on that region. Otherwise the match is played on the tournament's main region (see tournament page for more details).
  • Each team can have up to 4 spectators (coaches, subs, etc.). They will be locked to spectating their own teams. Spectators do not need to be registered on the website.
  • Pauses:
    • The game is only paused if a player disconnects or becomes otherwise unable to play
    • Each team has 10 minutes of total pause time per match (not per map). Once this has passed, the other team can request to continue the game even if the player hasn't returned.
  • All /r/Overwatch Discord rules apply


  • 10 minutes late to a match: other team gets 1 map lead
  • 15 minutes late to a match: other team gets a default win
  • If neither team shows up within 10 minutes of match start: match cancelled
  • If the previous match ends early, the penalty timer for the next game will begin 45 minutes after the previous match started
    • The minimum time between a game ending and the penalty timer starting is 10 minutes
  • If the previous match takes longer than expected (over 45 minutes), the penalty timer will start 10 minutes after the previous match ends


  • Gather your team of 6 players
    • You are allowed up to 2 substitute players (subs)
    • Players, including subs, are only allowed to register for 1 team
  • Join the tournament on the Tournaments page
  • Await confirmation on your registration
  • Once your registration has been accepted, the players will be given access to a private channel (#tournament-players) on the /r/Overwatch Discord. This channels should be used as the primary method of communicating with tournament admins and other teams.
  • You will be assigned a tournament admin. This is the person you should contact in case of any questions or disputes.
  • You can see the full bracket with your matches on it as soon as 16 teams have registered and been accepted

Tournament progress

  1. The team captains will be pinged several times on Discord prior to the tournament starting as a reminder in #tournament-players
  2. Check-in will start 30 minutes before the tournament begins
  3. After the check-in, you will be pinged with your next game's information. The game lobby will be hosted by an impartial referee who will also spectate the match.
  4. Play your match
  5. If you didn't drop out of the losers bracket, wait for information on your next match

Result submission

Results will be submitted by the referee hosting the game. No action is required on the team's part.

Emergency subs

If a player in your team leaves mid-tournament and your team is left with less than 6 players, you are allowed to bring in an emergency substitute player. Emergency subs carry a 1 map penalty. This penalty is applied once, and the emergency sub can keep playing for the team in any subsequent matches. Any time spent verifying the player by the tournament organizers will be counted towards late penalties. You can also choose to play with a partial team and not incur the map penalty.